Have you always had a desire to travel, but you’re not sure how to start?


I would have never thought that I’d be a world traveler. Wanted to be one -yes!
Did I think it was possible? No way!

These really are the only things you need to do. It’s very easy, but we often build up excuses for reasons why we can’t travel.


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  1. Where do you want to go? Make a list. If you don’t have a lot of money, start in Asia. Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia…these are all affordable places to visit.
  2. Get your passport, it’s about $140 dollars. This will motivate you to travel once you have it. Skip three weekends of going out and buy this instead! You’ll thank me. Oh, and get as many pages as possible. You’ll end up needing them faster than you can imagine! I’m half though mine with just 7 months of travel and I got the ‘standard page count’ passport. You can’t add pages to the back anymore.
  3. Buy a plane ticket. Once you have a passport and a plane ticket, you will be forced to save for your trip. If you need to wait for your tax return to buy your ticket, so be it. That’s what we did.
  4. Get vaccinated for the countries you’ll be travelling to. Just tell your doctor where you’re headed and he’ll know which ones you need. Be sure to search the internet for Manufacturer’s coupons for any medicines you get from the pharmacy, like for Typhoid. The site will show an alpha-numeric code that you show to the pharmacy and it will give you a discount. This works whether or not you have insurance.
  5. Save money until you depart. Eat as cheap as you can. If you drink, do it with friends at home instead of wasting money at a bar. Or if you want to party like a rock star; car-bar. Bring your alcohol to the club and pre-drink outside.
  6. Buy a travel backpack. DO NOT pack more than 4 days of clothes, including underwear. Seriously, you’re just making work for yourself. I KNOW 4 days of clothes sounds crazy, but it’s not. You’ll be able to do laundry on-the-cheap and nobody cares that you wear the same 4 outfits. You’re going to be travelling to different places, you won’t even see the same people and nobody will notice that you’re wearing the same outfits.
  7. Buy travel clothes that dry quickly if you feel like it. Guys, Ex-Officio boxers are awesome!
  8. You don’t need water bottles, money fanny packs, neck pillows, etc. You’re going to end up throwing it all away when you have been hiking for a few days and don’t want the extra weight. Also, you can buy all that stuff in Asia for a fraction of the cost back home.

TIP | Something strange that happens to many people right before their trip. It is a feeling of intense anxiety that you get a day or two before you fly out. There’s an uncertainty…”what ifs”…everyone gets it, ignore it or distract yourself. Get on the plane.

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